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Acrobatic Arts

Tuesday | Wednesday | Saturday

Here at Kandy’s we are happy to announce that we are a qualified official AcroPAD centre. All of our acro mats are all the AcroPAD brand to help benefit each of the student's strength and confidence in performing complex tricks in acrobatic arts. These mats will be utilised throughout our Acro lessons to aid the student’s safety and confidence.

Students who have either already begun training in acro, or have no prior knowledge at all can be helped in this class. All our students at the dance school are very supportive of one another which is one of the many things that is loved here at Kandy’s.

This class is a great way to boost your child’s confidence, strength and flexibility. Developing new skills each week to then apply within our Acro routine that we work on towards performing them at our Annual Shows.

       Benefits of our Acrobatic Arts classes

  • Demonstrate awareness of positions of the body

  • Demonstrate control

  • Demonstrate elevation

  • Respond to the elements of music

  • Perform a sequence of simple steps to depict a story

  • Developing strength

  • Developing flexibility

  • Articulate parts of the body

  • Perform with an awareness of space

  • Demonstrate co-ordination

  • Demonstrate use of appropriate movement dynamics

  • Perform expressively

  • Developing new friends

  • Building confidence


In our Infant Acro & Lyrical dance class we will focus on the basic skills of Acro, such as rolls (forwards and backwards), cartwheels, balancing, flexibility and strength. Using props in order to aid understanding of the moves, and placement of the body. Following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus the students will get to explore different types of moves, and skills all whilst having fun.


The movements in the Lyrical dance part of the session are characterized by fluidity and grace, with each dancer flowing seamlessly from one move to another, holding finishing steps as long as possible. This combined with Acrobatic skills is a great way to build children’s confidence, strength and flexibility.


Our Junior Acro class is aimed at children aged 9+. All our Acro classes follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, the students will continue learning the basic steps of Acro, but will be able to place them into combinations, and complete more difficult moves. Focusing more on strength and flexibility in order to allow students to hold their Acro skills for longer. The Acro skills will be more complex and may include, rolls (forwards, backwards and dive), cartwheels (1 handed), aerial cartwheels, handsprings, walkovers (forwards and backwards), handstands, balances, flexibility, strength exercises, bridges and many more!

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