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Performing Arts

Thursdays & Saturdays

Our fun-filled Performing Arts class (Also known as Triple Threat) combines the love of Singing, Dancing and Acting into one class. Students will work on their vocal technique, dance technique, and acting skills and are tutored by encouragement and discipline providing a well-rounded and realistic foundation for the world of performing arts. This class will better prepare your child for musical theatre productions, auditions and more! These sessions, like all classes at Kandy Productions are designed to encourage each student and instill confidence in themselves because each child is a star, at Kandy Productions! 

This class is designed for students aged five to sixteen years of age. This class will develop students’ physical skills, vocal skills, acting skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles.


Some classes may be an hour of single discipline i.e dance, acting or singing. And some classes may be a mixture of all three elements. We like to deliver musical theatre classes in this way so that we can focus on class improvements, building into more strength week by week.  This class is an amazing way to build our students technique and knowledge across different styles within musical theatre, enabling each student to hone skills specific to certain performances within this area of the performing arts.

Our Triple Threat class here at Kandy Productions is run by inspiring industry professional  teachers who have a desire to produce outstanding and inspirational performers.

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This class is a great way to boost your child’s confidence, strength and flexibility. Developing new skills each week to then apply within our Acro routine that we work on towards performing them at our Annual Shows.

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