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Dancing Dots


Our wonderful Dancing Dots class is aimed for little ones, both girls and boys who enjoy the love of movement in dance. This class focuses on fun imaginative adventures and the learnings of the basic Ballet & Tap Dance techniques.

The children will engage with our amazing teachers in a way to make learning Ballet & Tap fun for everyone. It will also be enabling them to learn movement and music at their own pace whilst being a part of a friendly class, where the emphasis is on a fun, imaginative, interactive Ballet & Tap Dance class.

This class is designed for little ones aged eighteen months to three years of age. This class will develop children's physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of sounds and musical styles.  Classes are set to engaging music, the gentle exercises to teach the very beginnings of the Ballet & Tap technique in a creative and fun environment.

Like all classes here at Kandy Productions, they are all run by inspirational teachers who have a desire to produce inspirational dancers and performers.

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Our fun energetic Commercial class is a much-loved class by all our students and parents. This class enables students to have fun and learn a varied level of movements, tricks and skills. Students will work on their dance technique and are tutored by encouragement and discipline providing a well-rounded and realistic foundation for the world of performance.

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